Trial Balance

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Trial Balance

Postby J3photo » 07 Dec 2009, 23:47

One thing that I would like to use this program for is to help me keep track of my balance. I know that it will give you the Closing balance for any accounts you have set up. I would like to be able to enter some possible transactions to see where my money stands if different amounts are paid to different people (separate of main information). All of this may be changeable to see how much money is in balance depending on how much is paid to different people. Ex. Balance is $100.00 and if I pay person A for 26.58 and person B for 34.56 then my balance will be? If I choose to pay person C for 24.99 and person D for 10.34 then balance will leave me with? This would give me possibilities before actual payments are made. I know this sounds simple but it would be nice to see it in the program. Another example would be for an upcoming month I make 2 pay checks on a bi-monthly schedule. If I am paid 456.78 on one and 365.89 on another with bills due on the 5th for a total of ? Then I can pay certain bills with money left over. I also have different bills due later in month for another X amount total. Well if I pay certain bills before the 5th then I will be left with X dollars in account. This will allow me to pay other bills using second paycheck and have another balance available. All of this is just a trial balance using the balance in main account but using different scenarios for making payments and still have money left over? :?: :?

Another question is for the main listing of checks and accounts they go in? I would like to be able to sort the listings by category (you can already do) but after doing this can you get a total for each category? Ex. Sort all Food items but then total up how much was spent in that category separately? Possible even categorize for Yearly and Monthly? Basically a report for each item (Food, Gas, other expenses) showing total spent it that category?

A third question concerns the order in which entries are made? Can they be reversed so that the newest entry is located on top?
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Re: Trial Balance

Postby Support » 08 Dec 2009, 07:53

Thanks a lot for your post. It is appreciated.

Starting from your last question, currently it's not possible to record transactions in the reverse order (newest on top) - but this is a good point, so we'll think of implementing it in a new version of Arixcel Accounts.

Regarding the first two questions, it seems that the majority of your requirements should be achievable through the functionalities of the Income Statement and the Budgets tables. The income statement will show you the aggregate amounts for all the categories (i.e. Food, Gas etc.), analyzed by months or any longer periods. And you can add subtotals there (like Free income after living costs) and break down any category by its transactions by double-clicking on it and selecting Break Down. Is this addressing your question 2?

For question 1, have you tried using the Budgets tab? First you need to add a Budget there and then you can input arbitrary amounts in the "Budget" column for every category for a particular month (or a series of months). The closing balance for that peirod (the last row in the table) will be automatically updated. You can then compare the income and expenses actually received and made, against those expected amounts as time goes.

Another way of inputting future transactions to see the effect on the balance sheet, is to use Accruals on each individual account sheet. Accruals is a transaction type (in the 3rd column of each account table) that would mean that the transaction is counted for the "true balance" on the balance sheet, but not for the "Balalance per bank" there. Their primary purpose is to allow you record your known future transactions as if they have already been made.

Please let me know if the above addresses your questions or not.

Best regards,
Arixcel Support
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