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toggle_arrow1 I have installed Arixcel Explorer, how can I start using it? 

Open any Excel spreadsheet, select a cell with a formula and press Ctrl + Q. This should bring the main Arixcel Explorer window showing the structure of the formula and allowing you to navigate to its precedent cells (use Up and Down keys for that). When finished, press Esc to close the window. Press Alt + Q if you want to return to the "explored" cell.

If you are using Excel 2007 or newer, look for the Arixcel Explorer menu under the Add-Ins tab of the Ribbon. You can change various settings there. In Excel 2003 it is located under the Tools menu.

toggle_arrow1 I have activated a copy of Arixcel Explorer. Does my licence cover all future updates? 

Yes, once you activate the full version of Arixcel Explorer on a particular computer, any future updates can be installed on it without loosing the activations status.

toggle_arrow1 Does Arixcel Explorer work on Open Office or a Mac? 

No, it works only on a Windows computer with Microsoft Excel. The internal workings of Open Office are different and there is currently no intention to develop a version of the program for Open Office or Apple Mac.

toggle_arrow1 Which versions of Excel and Windows does Arixcel Explorer support? 

Arixcel Explorer works with Excel 2007 or newer. The last version compatible with Excel 2003 was 1.4.

toggle_arrow1 Why does Arixcel Explorer show the formula in English rather than my native language? 

This is driven by the desire to make Arixcel Explorer independent of local languages and also consistent with the English based internal workings of Excel.

toggle_arrow1 Why can't I undo recent spreadsheet changes after clicking on Arixcel Explorer? 

Arixcel Explorer highlights cells on the spreadsheet with colour and uses the spreadsheet to evaluate components of the formula. Unfortunately, these actions delete the undo memory of Excel. To preserve the undo memory, untick both 'Highlight selected cells with colour' and 'Precise formula evaluation' on the Arixcel Explorer settings.

toggle_arrow1 Can I change the colour which is used to highlight cells on the spreadsheet? 

Arixcel Explorer uses a colour which is labelled 'Sky Blue' on the standard palette of Excel 2003. You can change this colour via Tools > Options > tab Color in Excel 2003. Starting from Excel 2007 you should go to Office button > Excel Options > Save, click on 'Choose what colors will be seen in previous versions of Excel' and the change the colour in the fourth row and the fifth column counting from the top left corner.

toggle_arrow1 Arixcel Explorer displays an error message. What should I do? 

Please send us an email to explaining the situation and attaching the relevant spreadsheet if needed.

toggle_arrow1 I keep getting a message that Arixcel Explorer is not properly installed. 

Please uninstall your existing version via the Control Panel, download the latest installer file from our website and install it again. If this does not help, please contact our customer support at .

User documentation

Detailed guidance on the program is provided in the user documentation (PDF, 74 KB).

Support forum

If your question is not answered above, please browse through the Arixcel Explorer forum and feel free to post it there. We aim to respond to all forum questions within one business day.

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