Arixcel Accounts

Arixcel Accounts is a tool for monitoring personal finances using an Excel spreadsheet.

It is a combination of a special template for personal accounting and an add-in (extension) to Microsoft Excel that automates working with the template. With the help of the add-in you can easily add bank accounts to the template, define custom categories of income and expenses, import transactions from your bank statements, create budgets.

Overall, Arixcel Accounts is designed to help you organise and plan your finances in a clear and transparent way.

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Main features

  • Consolidate balances and transactions on multiple bank accounts and credit cards on a single spreadsheet.
  • Automatically update it with new transactions from electronic bank statements.
  • Organise your income and expenses by descriptive categories to see where your money comes from and where it goes.
  • Create budgets and monitor actual results against the budgeted amounts.

Main differences from other personal accounting software

  • With a spreadsheet, you have full control and transparency. You know exactly where your financial data is stored and how it is processed.
  • You do not need to learn any new software if you are familiar with Microsoft Excel.
  • Arixcel Accounts is extremely flexible, very easy to use, yet has some advanced functionality found in expensive personal accounting packages.


Arixcel Accounts is an add-in to Excel. After you download and install it, you simply need to launch Excel and locate the new menus under the 'Add-Ins' tab of the Ribbon. Use those menus to create a new accounting spreadsheet and start monitoring your finances.

Refer to the quick start for more details.

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